Icogenex Bioincubator rents lab space to all types of companies:

Startup companies realize the value in leasing ready-to-move-in lab space. They want to preserve their cash for scientists and supplies needed to do the science and not invest in building out a facility and all the unforeseen costs of maintenances and facility management.

Self-funded companies and those who get initial monies from friends and family and angels are drawn to the space because of its cost-effective appeal without sacrificing equity in the company.

Grant-funded companies with initial funding by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or other granting agencies are often initially guaranteed funding for only 6-12 months. Flexible lease terms allow companies to rent lab space for the duration of their funding period with the opportunity to extend and grow when additional funding is secured.

VC-funded companies find the Icogenex Bioincubator a viable option for their first round of funding. Initial dollars don't have to be used on long drawn-out lease negotiations, permits, architects, establishing the safety program for occupancy or basic equipment and furniture. This allows more of the investment to go toward quality employees.

Satellite lab for larger companies: Some out-of-state companies need lab space for their highly skilled employees who live in Seattle. They find the facility a perfect solution to eliminate lengthy and costly commutes. The all-inclusive rent facilitates easy budgeting for a satellite lab without facility worries or hassles.

Current Tenants

We are proud to host tenants on the cutting edge of high-technology sectors. Our tenants are involved in a variety of research fields including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, treatments and vaccines. These are some of them:

Previous Tenants

We have been a launching pad for companies who eventually move into their own facility. The following companies had their first lab at Icogenex Bioincubator: