Scientific Research

10 Reasons to Lease From Icogenex Bioincubator

  1. Pay for only the space you need.
  2. Lease for only the time period you need.
  3. Expand or downsize as needed.
  4. Access equipment at no additional cost.
  5. Preserve capital and time with a ready-to-go facility.
  6. Enjoy the cost effectiveness of leasing with up to 20 employees.
  7. Let us manage the hassles of facility and equipment management while you focus on making your business successful.
  8. Start immediately with all permits and safety programs at BSL2 level in place.
  9. Enjoy the camaraderie of other entrepreneurs on a similar path as you.
  10. Count on over 10 years of biotech incubator operation to provide you with the best incubator space.