The Business Science of Startups

Learn about the basics of federal grant accounting and compliance (and why you need to know it), biotech-specific state and local tax (SALT) and corporate tax issues (even if you aren't generating revenue), R&D credits, and more.

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Peterson Sullivan LLP Icogenex Bioincubator

You are invited to Icogenex Bioincubator to join the accounting experts from Peterson Sullivan LLP for a one-hour presentation followed by Q&A and a hosted Happy Hour.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Icogenex Bioincubator
454 North 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98013

Presentation and Q&A:
3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Connect with the professionals and other biotech companies:
Happy Hour from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.


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Companies in all life cycles need to have an action plan to ensure their accounting is in order. Learn why this is important and how an investment in proper accounting now, can save you money in the future whether your company is privately funded or the recipient of federal grants. Federal grant compliance continues to be complex so find out how to stay out of trouble and qualify for additional funding.

How can a few minutes of "SALT" save your company hundreds of dollars? Find out about the various tax incentives that the state of Washington has available for start ups. Learn the tricks and traps about the most important sales/use tax and business & occupation tax incentives, and how to get and keep them.

Even if your company is not generating taxable revenue now, there are important tax implications that are relevant, even before you generate a profit. Learn how to preserve current net losses to offset future taxable income. Hear about other tax implications, research and development credits, tax accounting methods, exit strategies, and more. Avoiding mistakes early on can potentially add to the value of your company.


Matt Matson, Audit Partner. Matt has 25 years of experience working with companies in all life cycle stages with a heavy emphasis in those that receive federal and state grants. Matt serves as the technical reviewer of all the financial statements audits that include federal and state grant funding. His experience includes financial statement audits, compliance and internal control audits, and program-specific audits.

Rachel A. Le Mieux, State and Local Tax Partner. Rachel has been providing services related to state and local tax since 1985 and spent 10 years at the WA State Department of Revenue as a legislation and policy specialist. She consults on issues involving sales and use taxes, gross receipts taxes, income taxes, and other miscellaneous taxes and also advises clients on tax optimization strategies.

Roger Wilkins, Tax Principal. Roger has over 30 years experience in federal income taxation of entities and individuals. He specializes in tax accounting methods, mergers and acquisitions, exit strategies, choice of entity, federal research and development credits, tax provisions for financial reporting, and tax planning strategies.

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