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About Us

Our History

Since 2002 Icogenex has subleased to over 85 companies. To accommodate a growing need for plug-and-play lab space and to allow companies access to affordable lab space, Icogenex expanded its footprint in the facility in 2003 and again in 2005. The facility now has a total of 13,400 square feet of office and wet lab space.

We currently host 14 companies ranging in size from a single person to a company of 12. The facility has 13,400 square feet of office and laboratory space fully equipped for molecular and cellular biology and chemistry research. Companies funded by friends and family, angels, VC's, grants, and larger companies who need a satellite lab in Seattle all find Icogenex Bioincubator a winning solution to their space needs.

Your Solution

Icogenex Bioincubator is designed to meet the needs of startup and small companies in the life science sector with a focus on molecular and cellular biology and chemistry activities, allowing your business to be successful without the concerns of facility management, safety program oversight and equipment needs.

Icogenex Bioincubator provides a no-hassle, quick-to-occupy, full-service facility, with full operation possible within days of signing a lease and ordering supplies. Our plug-and-play facility allows companies to lease lab bench, office, and desk space with all other amenities included: equipment access, glass wash, autoclave, internet, mail, fax, copying, and janitorial service.

Rent just the space you need for the time you need it and easily increase or reduce space during growth or temporary downsizing. Save critical funds, allowing your company the greatest possibility for success. At Icogenex Bioincubator, companies can focus on their experiments, recruit their team from the great talent pool in Seattle, and keep facility costs low without the headache of managing the facility themselves.

Companies at Icogenex Bioincubator value that we understand the needs of small business, offer flexible and cost-effective lease terms, and provide the resources and equipment they need. See if we are the right fit for you: Contact us to arrange your personal tour.